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  • 326 in of annual snowfall
  • 99 total skiable acres
  • Top elevation 9901 ft, base 3608 ft
  • 19% beginner, 29% intermediate, 31% advanced, 2% expert
  • Projected opening: 2013-11-15
  • ProjectedClosing 2014-04-21
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Flims Ski Resort

If Alpine scenery, a sunny, mild climate and the feeling of being tucked away sound like something up your alley, then a Flims ski vacation will surely delight. The three villages of Flims-Laax make up what’s known as the “The Alpenarena.” These antiquated Swiss villages sit on a sunny terrace at around 3,600 feet, overlooking the tranquil Rhine Gorge. Visitors reach this legendary destination via the world famous Glacier Express, which, like most train rides through the Alps, is an experience in itself. The Alpenarena still retains an “Old World” atmosphere of unhurried life, quaint inns, restaurants, cafes and charming boutiques. A lift links Flims and Laax ski areas, which meet up in the Crap Sogn Gion area. Getting around the resort’s 136 miles of terrain is generally an easy affair.

Ski Flims

The resort is famous for offering every opportunity to skiers of varied skills and preferences, but it’s particularly popular with families and intermediates thanks to exhilarating blue and red descents over a variety of wide open slopes and bowls. Beginners have plenty of terrain options on leading back to Flims-Laax villages—Falera, Laax and Flims—but the best beginner skiing can be found off of the Nauris lift, on the Flims side of the resort.  But there are some great, black tree runs for those looking to challenge themselves. Experts will also enjoy the runs on the Vorab Glacier, Cassons-Grat or the east slope of Crap Sogn Gion. The ski areas is well interconnected and served by a vast network of lifts and gondolas, assuring fast access to the 136 miles of slopes and minimal waiting time. The off-piste skiing is extensive and easily accessible from marked trails. Be sure to hire a professional guide to ensure your optimal safety and enjoyment. And, with one of the biggest half-pipes in Europe, Flims-Laax attracts a devoted freestyle crowd.

With its three quaint villages to explore and well-varied terrain options, a Flims ski vacation will please every skier or boarder looking for their own slice of heaven. Start planning your Flims Laax ski trip today, and call—or chat—with one of’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists

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"rain", "Date": "2014-09-20T00:00:00Z", "DewPoint": 44, "Forecasts": [ { "Conditions": "mostlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "mostlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-20T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 56, "TemperatureLow": 45 }, { "Conditions": "tstorms", "SkyConditions": "cloudy", "Date": "2014-09-21T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 53, "TemperatureLow": 42 }, { "Conditions": "rain", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-22T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 49, "TemperatureLow": 37 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "sunny", "Date": "2014-09-23T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 53, "TemperatureLow": 38 }, { "Conditions": "mostlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "mostlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-24T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 53, "TemperatureLow": 40 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-25T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 52, "TemperatureLow": 40 }, { "Conditions": "clear", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-09-26T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 53, "TemperatureLow": 41 } ], "Pressure": 14.8045, "ReportingCity": "Laax", "ReportingState": "{}", "ReportingCountry": "SW", "CurrentTemperature": 45, "CurrentVisibility": 0, "CurrentWindDirection": "SSW", "CurrentWindForce": 0, "CurrentWindGustForce": 0, "Id": "flims-laax-falera", "Culture": null }, "SnowToday": { "SkiArea": { "TotalLifts": 30, "TotalLiftsOpen": 0, "SkiableArea": 99, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Flims", "Route": "/flims", "Id": 98, "Culture": null }, "Id": "flims-laax-falera", "Culture": null }, "Resort": { "Name": "Flims", "Route": "/flims", "Id": 98, "Culture": null }, "BaseDepth": 0, "TopDepth": 0, "OffslopeBaseDepth": 0, "OffslopeMidDepth": 0, "OffslopeTopDepth": 0, "IsOpen": true, "PercentageLiftsOpen": 0, "PercentageOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenExpertRuns": 0, "NumberOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "NumberOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "NumberOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "NumberOpenExpertRuns": 0, "ReportedSnowfall": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast48": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast72": 0, "Date": "2014-09-18T06:00:00Z", "TemperatureBottom": 32, "TemperatureTop": 32, "TemperatureMax": 73, "TemperatureMin": 61, "VisibilityTop": null, "VisibilityBottom": null, "WindDirectionTop": null, "WindDirectionBottom": null, "WindForceBottom": 0, "WindForceTop": 0, "Id": "flims-laax-falera", "Culture": null }, "SkiArea": { "TrailMaps": null, "AnnualSnowfall": 326, "SkiableArea": 99, "BaseElevation": 3608, "TopElevation": 9901, "PercentageBeginnerRuns": 19, "PercentageIntermediateRuns": 29, "PercentageAdvancedRuns": 31, "PercentageExpertRuns": 2, "ProjectedOpeningDate": "2013-11-15T00:00:00Z", "ProjectedCloseDate": "2014-04-21T00:00:00Z", "OnTheSnowId": 632, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ 9.2833333, 46.8333333 ] }, "NumberOfDoubleChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfTripleChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfQuadChairLifts": 9, "NumberOfGondolas": 8, "NumberOfHighSpeedQuadChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfHighSpeedSixChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfSurfaceLifts": 9, "VerticalDrop": 6292, "YearOpened": 2000, "HasNordic": true, "HasSkiing": true, "HasTerrainPark": true, "LiftCapactiy": 0, "TotalRuns": 64, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Flims", "Route": "/flims", "Id": 98, "Culture": null }, "Id": "flims-laax-falera", "Culture": null } }, "useMetres": "false", "tempUnit": "F", "depthUnit": "in", "unitFormat": "imperial", "distanceUnit": "miles", "areaUnit": "acres", "elevationUnit": "ft", "TemperatureHigh": 56, "TemperatureLow": 45, "ReviewCount": 0 }