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At Ski.com, 46 years in the ski-travel industry meets cutting-edge technology and free services to create the largest provider of ski vacation packages in North America.

Ski.com began as S&L Travel, established in Aspen, Colorado in 1971, and has since grown to provide complete ski-vacation packages to 120+ of the most popular resorts in North America, Europe, South America and Japan.

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Nobody gets why you crave time in the mountains more than we do, and nobody knows how to guide you there better.


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about Ski.com

Our history

Founded as S&L Travel, the company changed its name to Aspen Ski Tours in 1974. Then in 1999, after purchasing a highly sought-after domain name, Aspen Ski Tours assumed the Ski.com name to better showcase its diverse product offerings.

In September 2004, Ski.com acquired Lynx Vacations, GoWest Tours, Adventures on Skis, Sportours and AnyMountain Tours in order to expand its domestic operations and to provide international and group travel. In June of 2010, Ski.com acquired Rocky Mountain Tours to further solidify its position as the leader in the industry

Our team of ski travel experts

At Ski.com, the staff lives and breathes ski culture. Our more than 65 Mountain Travel Experts are ski and snowboard enthusiasts who average 28 years of experience in the ski industry. They know the intimate details about each resort because they’ve skied the mountains, stayed at the properties and eaten at the restaurants.

These experiences allow them to accurately determine which resort(s) and accommodation(s) is perfect for each customer, based on their interests and budget.

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