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Lee Gluckman

Wengen is a lovely place to be

Wengen is a lovely town that is relaxed and not as hectic as many ski towns in Switzerland and not full of tourists. It's only crazy during the World Cup in January, so I'm told. Plenty of access to ski slopes and also the Jungfraujoch - the highest place in Europe.

Wengen has ambience

Wengen is wonderful, the only way in is by cog rail therefore there are almost no cars in the old world town but it does have all the modern home comforts. Wengen has direct access to some of the most senic mountains in the world via gondola or cog railway. On the same ski pass you can also ski two other resorts Muren and Griddelward as the are connected .I will be back there for my 5 visit in 2012 just love it.